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Shea Whigham in Machete

Shea Whigham (1969 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006) [Eugene]: Commits suicide by pouring beer on his microphone stand and electrocuting himself during a concert at a nightclub, some time before the movie begins; he appears as a spirit in the afterlife for suicides, and his death is shown in flashback when he tells Patrick Fugit how he died.
  • First Snow (2007) [Vincent McClure]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head, while pressing his head against Guy Pearce's (in a failed attempt for the bullet to pass through both their skulls). His body is later seen as Guy awakens and holds his head in his arms.
  • Splinter (2008) [Dennis Farell]: Killed in an explosion when he shoots at several propane tanks near the gas pumps, sacrificing himself in an attempt to destroy the creature and allow Paulo Costanzo and Jill Wagner to escape.
  • Blood Creek (2009) [Luke Benny]: Killed by Michael Fassbender and his horse and becomes possessed/undead. Finally dies when Michael is killed and all his creatures die along with him.
  • The Killing Room (2009) [Tony Mazzola]: Presumably killed by one of the other brainwashed test subjects (possibly Nick Cannon) in the Project MKULTRA indoctrination.
  • Machete (2010) [Sniper]: Garroted by Jeff Fahey while he and Jeff are talking to Steven Seagal over a webcam.
  • Catch .44 (2011) [Billy]: Presumably shot to death by Forest Whitaker during a Mexican stand-off between Forest, Shea, and Malin Akerman in a diner (off-screen); although his body is not shown, Forest is depicted as being the only survivor of the shootout when Bruce Willis sees the carnage in the diner.
  • Savages (2012) [Chad]: Shot in the back by Benicio Del Toro in Shea's kitchen, after Benicio first shoots him in the knees.
  • Cop Car (2015) [Man]: Shot in the chest in a shoot-out with Kevin Bacon by the side of the road.
  • Term Life (2016) [Matthew "Matty" Miller]: Shot to death by Bill Paxton.
  • Kong: Skull Island (2017) [Earl Cole]: Killed in an explosion when he attempts to sacrifice himself by detonating his grenades to kill a Skullcrawler, only for the beast's tail to knock him into the air.
  • First Man (2018) [Gus Grissom]: Killed (along with Jason Clarke and Cory Michael Smith) when their Apollo One spacecraft catches fire while on the launchpad.
  • The Quarry (2020) [The Man]: Stabbed to death with a wooden shiv by Bobby Soto, who succumbs to his own wounds shortly after and dies next to Shea.
  • Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020) [Frank Polidori]: Disemboweled off-screen by Sarah Gadon. We only see her swipe her claws across Shea's abdomen and Shea then falling to the ground.
  • The Gateway (2021) [Parker]: Shot by Zach Avery and his henchmen during an attack at his home. After snorting some cocaine, he manages to fight Avery until Olivia Munn shoots Avery. He finally dies of his wounds with Olivia Munn and Taegen Burns by his side.

TV Deaths[]

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