Shawn Jolly (1989 -)

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Shawn Jolly as the shot zombie in "Not Another Zombie Movie"

Film DeathsEdit

  • Savageland (2013 short) [Goon shot in neck]: Shot through the neck by Scott Bailey in the films saloon shootout.
  • Epitaph: Bread And Salt (2013) [Arrogant Corporal Demon]: Shot in head by Nathyn Masters after taunting him in hallway.
  • Not Another Zombie Movie....About The Living Dead (2014) [Zombie]: Shot in head as a zombie in a parking lot by Will Cummings III.
  • Blame (2014 short) [Bully Ringleader]: Shot fatally in locker room by a student he bullied (We recognize his orange shoes through main characters POV under a bathroom stall).
  • Last Kill (2016 internet short) [George]: Executed via gunshot in the forest (offscreen) by Steve Piper.
  • Bon Appetit (2016 short) [Eli]: Shot to death (offscreen in comical way) by Nino Dicosola.
  • Recycle (2016 short) [Drug Runner]: Shot in torso during a swat raid of the drug den.
  • Final Curtain Part 19: The Night Chicago Die (2017) [Lenny]: Throat slit with a boxcutter and head falls onto a city fire hydrant
    2020-02-19 (7)

    Tales From FMyLife Halloween Special.

  • Tales From FMyLife Halloween Special #15 (2019 internet short) [Corpse]: Killed offscreen and rolled into a living room carpet.
  • A Hostile Nation (2019) [Detective Dell]: Attacked (mostly offscreen) by Antoine Gomire. Presumbly dead as we dont see the direct aftermath.
  • Zombie Frat House (2020) [Featured Zombie]: Hacked to death via fire axe (mostly offscreen) by Aneiya Walker after fatally biting her father.
  • I Dream Of A Psychopomp (2020) [Socialite] The fatally wounded survivor of a vampire attack attemping to climb away on a stairwell. 


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Shawn Jolly as the Drug Runner(yellow headband) being killed in Recycle.

Death Edit 2

Shawn on the attack right before being shot in "Epitaph Bread And Salt"

Death Edit 6

Shawn's shoes identifying he was the Bully shot in "Blame"

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Shawn Jolly about to have his throat slit in "Final Curtain: The Night Chicago Die"

Death edit 1

Shawn Jolly as the shot zombie in "Not Another Zombie Movie"

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