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Shawn Doyle in Fargo: the Crocodile's Dilemma (2014)

Shawn Doyle (1968 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Frequency (2000) [Jack Shepard aka Nightingale Killer]: Shot in the chest/stomach with a shotgun by Dennis Quaid as Shawn tries to shoot James Caviezel (after having his hand blown off in the past causing it to vanish in the present). In the original timeline, died due to a medical mistake.
  • Don't Say a Word (2001) [Russel Maddox]: Hit by a subway train after Sean Bean, Guy Torry and Conrad Goode knock him off the platform then preventing him getting off the tracks as his daughter (Isabella Fink) looks on.
  • Knockaround Guys (2001) [Deputy Ward]: Shot dead (in the chest/stomach and head/neck) by Vin Diesel during a shootout between the corrupt cops and mob assassins.
  • Who Is Cletis Tout? (2001) [Crow Gollotti]: Shot by Christian Slater or mob assassins (My memory is vague but I recall he died at the end).
  • Whiteout (2009) [Sam Murphy]: Killed byAlex O'Loughlin (My memory is vague but I recall he died at the end).

TV Deaths[]