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Shawn Ashmore's second death scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past

Shawn Ashmore (1979 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Wolf Girl (Blood Moon) (2001) [Beau]: Slashed to death by Shelby Fenner.
  • The Ruins (2008) [Eric]: Accidentally stabbed in the chest by Laura Ramsey as he tries to stop her cutting herself (to get the vines out of her). His body is later seen as Jonathan Tucker removes the knife as he is pulled into the vines (who Tucker tries to drag free from).
  • Solstice (2008) [Christian]: Hit by a cop car (presumably driven by Mark Krasnoff or Gary Michael Smith) as he runs out in front of them in a blind panic while being chased by Jenna Hildebrand's vengeful ghost (who is in the form of Jennifer Ramirez). His body is later seen as deputies kneel by his side as Elisabeth Harnois screams helplessly.
  • Frozen (2010) [Joe Lynch]: Mauled to death by a pack of wolves. His remains are later seen by Emma Bell being eaten. 
  • Hatchet II (2010) [Christopher]: Face sliced off by Kane Hodder; Shawn only has time to look over at Jason Richard Miller before his face slides off his head (Played for comedic effect). Shown in flashback as Tony Todd explains the legend of Hodder to Danielle Harris
  • Mother's Day (2010) [George Barnum]: Shot in the back by Matt O'Leary (to appease his mother, Rebecca De Mornay) while Shawn is leaving the RV, as Deborah Ann Woll looks on in shock.
  • The Day (2011) [Adam]: Mortally wounded (shot or stabbed) in a fight with Michael Eklund and his cannibal cohorts. He dies of shock/blood loss while talking to Ashley Bell slumped against a stucture and his body is later seen as she burns him on a makeshift funeral pyre (so cannibals won't eat him).
  • The Barrens (2012) [Dale]: Killed by an unknown force in the woods, later revealed to be the Jersey Devil.
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) [Bobby Drake / Iceman]: (1) Decapitated by a robot while fighting it in his ice form (with it crushing his severed head). His death is later undone when Elliot Page sends Omar Sy's consciousness back in time to prevent the robots from finding Shawn and his group. (2) Burnt to death by the heat beams of giant robots while trying to protect Elliot Page, Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman. His death is undone again by the actions of Jackman, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence. (3) Rogue Cut: Burnt to death by three Sentinel's heat beams whilst protecting Anna Paquin and Ian McKellen. His death is undone again by the actions of Jackman, McAvoy and Lawrence.
  • Devil's Gate (2017) [Deputy Conrad "Colt" Slater]: Slowly ripped open from chest to navel by an alien with telekinetic powers.
  • Acts of Violence (2018) [Brandon]: Shot in the stomach by Matthew T. Metzler after already having been severely wounded, as Ashton Holmes looks on in shock; his body is seen again when Cole Hauser finds it and grieves.

Television Deaths[]

Video Game Deaths[]

  • The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (2019) [Conrad]: Depending on the player's actions, Shawn can die in the following ways: (1) Shot in the chest by Kwasi Songui. (2) Falls to his death at various points in the game. (3) Impaled on a metal pipe after being knocked backwards by a hallucination. (4) Cut in half by a metal door during a struggle with Kwasi. (5) Hit in the head with a sledgehammer by Kwansi. (6) Stabbed to death by Kareem Tristan Alleyne after Kareem hallucinates him as a monster. (7) Presumably dies after becoming trapped on a ship contaminated by bioweapon (off-screen); we last see him being attacked by a hallucination. (8) Dies from starvation/sunstroke (along with Kareem, Ayisha Issa, Arielle Palik, and Chris Sandiford) while lost at sea. (9) Machine-gunned by the military (off-screen); we only hear gunfire as the screen cuts to black. He survives the game if these deaths are avoided.


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