Shauna O'Brien (1970 -)

a.k.a Stevie Jean


Shauna O'Brien in Striking Resemblance.

Penthouse Pet of the Month January 1992

Film DeathsEdit

  • Friend of the Family II (Innocence Betrayed) (1996) [Linda]: Shot several times in the chest by Paul Michael Robinson.
  • Striking Resemblance (1997) [Doria]: Shot in the head (off-screen), along with Kevin Spirtas, by Kevin's twin brother (also played by Kevin). Her body is shown afterwards when the police investigate. (Nudity alert: Topless and rear)
  • The Escort (1997) [Suzanne Lane]: Shot in the chest by Robert Ruth as she's about to impale Landon Hall with a fireplace poker.

Gallery Edit

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