Shaun Benson in Cold Case: The Red and the Blue

Shaun Benson (1976 - )

Film DeathsEdit

None known.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Cold Case: The Red and the Blue (2006) [Truck Sugar]: Shot by Travis Howard when Shaun refuses to give him money for drugs, as Tamara Braun looks on in shock. His body is shown at the beginning of the episode, and his death is shown in a flashback later on. He later appears as a ghost/figment of imagination to Kathryn Morris at the end of the episode, when his murder is solved.
  • Flashpoint: Grounded (2011) [Geoff Daikin]: Accidentally shot by his sister (Joanne Boland) on the hijacked plane, when Joanne shoots one of the hostages (actor unknown) when the hostage attacks Shaun, and the bullet goes through the hostage and into Shaun. He dies while Joanne is administering first aid to him.
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