Lori's death

Sharon Stone in Total Recall

Catwoman (2004) Catwoman vs Laurel Hedare

Catwoman (2004) Catwoman vs Laurel Hedare

Sharon Stone (1958-   )

Film Deaths

  • Casino (1995) [Ginger McKenna Rothstein]: Dies of a heroin overdose (which has been deliberately "spiked" by hitmen); we see her after she takes the drugs when she staggers out into the hallway, collapses and dies. This is a matter of historic record, as "Ginger"'s real-life counterpart, Geri McGee Rosenthal, died similarly. (Thanks to Neda, Matthew and Ioana)
  • Picking Up the Pieces (2000) [Candy Cowley]: Sawed in half and dismembered (off-screen) by Woody Allen, who then buries her body parts in the desert. Her severed hand is featured prominently throughout the movie when it's found in a small New Mexico town, where it begins healing people miraculously and gets mistaken for a holy relic. Her ghost appears to Woody in a few scenes after her death.
  • Catwoman (2004) [Laurel Hedare]: Falls to her death from a tall building, at the end of a fight with Halle Berry. Her body rapidly ages in death. (Thanks to Dick Hertz and Gary)

TV Deaths

  • Mosaic (2018) [Olivia Lake]. Beaten to death with a hammer. The series is left open-ended and does not resolve the question of who committed the murder.


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