Shannon Whirry (1964 - ) 
Shannon Whirry - Lying in Wait

Shannon Whirry's death in Lying in Wait

Film DeathsEdit

  • Body of Influence (Indecent Advances) (1993) [Laura/Lana]: Killed, off-screen. We learn of her death afterwards when Richard Roundtree informs Nick Cassavetes. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)
  • Lady in Waiting (Hollywood Madam) (1994) [Lori]: Shot in the heart in a shoot-out with Karen Kopins (who is also killed by Shannon) she dies shortly afterwards while talking to Michael Nouri. (Thanks to Dick Hertz, Jeff and Eric)
  • Mirror Images II (1994) [Carrie/Terrie]: Playing a dual role as twin sisters, 'Terrie' is shot to death by 'Carrie'. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)
  • Retroactive (1997) [Rayanne]: Shot in the head by James Belushi . In another scenario her car explodes after James shoots at it. In another scenario she is once again shot to death by James. Her death is later undone through time travel. 
  • Lying in Wait (2001) [Lois]: Pushed over a balcony by Thomas Newton, using Rutger Hauer's wheelchair; she lands on the hood of the car on the street below. (the scene shows Rutger himself steering his chair into her before she falls, but it's later revealed that all of Rutger's actions have only been in Thomas' mind.)

TV Deaths Edit


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