Shohei Yamamoto (1938 - 2019)
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Shohei Yamamoto in Sister Street Fighter

Film DeathsEdit

  • Sister Street Fighter (Onna hissatsu ken) (1974) [Ryozo Hayashi]: Has his neck snapped and his head rotated around 180 degrees during a fight. 
  • Sister Street Fighter: Hanging by a Thread  (Onna hissatsu ken: kiki ippatsu) (1974) [Otohiko Sugano]: Has his neck crushed after having his arm cut off in a fight. 
  • Violent Streets (Bôryoku gai) (1974) [Assassin]: Stabbed to death in the neck with a broken bottle by Noboru Andô.
  • The Great Chase (Karei-naru tsuiseki) (1975) [Henry Nakatani]: Shot in the eyes with multiple air darts.
  • Machine Gun Dragon (Yokohama ankokugai mashingan no ryu) (1978) [Prisoner] Bleedds to death off-screen after getting his arm cut off with a saw by Bunta Sugawara
  • Beautiful Girl Hunter (Dabide no hoshi: Bishojo-gari) (1979) [Genpei Hirukawa / Tatsuya's father] Hung by his son (Shun Domon


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