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Seth MacFarlane's fantasy death in A Million Ways to Die in the West

Seth MacFarlane (1973 - )

Creator of Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show.

Film Deaths[]

  • The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! (2010; animated) [I.S.R.A.E.L.]: Dies in an eraser bomb explosion caused by Spanky Ham (voiced by Adam Corolla) by accident. (Played for comedic effect)
  • Ted (2012) [Ted]: Providing the voice of a CGI teddy bear, "Ted's" life-magic wears off after he gets torn in half by Giovanni Ribisi, with Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis by his side. He is brought back to life the next day after Mila wishes on a shooting star.
  • A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014) [Albert]: In a drug trip sequence, he's shot through the chest by a dwarf cowboy. (Seth survives the film in reality) (Played for comedic effect)
  • Sing (2016; animated) [Mike]: Providing the voice of a mouse, he is possibly eaten by the gangster bears (off-screen); the scene ends with him and his girlfriend driving away in Seth's convertable unaware that the bears are holding on to the back of the car. He wasn't shown at the end where the new Moon theater was reopened. The fact that he does not appear in the 2021 sequel further suggests that he might be dead.

Television Deaths[]

  • Robot Chicken (2005-present; animated) [Various Characters]: Providing multiple voices in numerous episodes, many of his characters have died. (A comprehensive list would be almost impossible to compile.)
  • American Dad: The Most Adequate Christmas Ever (2007; animated) [Stan Smith]: Crushed to death by a tree after he chops it down and it blows over on top of him, he is later brought back to life by God (Seth MacFarlane) after he shows him some humility.
  • Family Guy: Lois Kills Stewie (2007; animated) [Stewie Griffin]: Shot in the back and head by Peter Griffin (also played by Seth) when Seth was about to kill his mother (Alex Borstein). (This turns out to be a simulation.)
  • Family Guy: Blue Harvest (2007; animated) [Carter Pewterschmidt as Uncle Owen]: To be added
  • American Dad: Rapture's Delight (2009; animated) [Stan Smith]: Shot in the chest by the Anti-Christ (Andy Samberg) after he dives in front of his bullet meant for Jesus (Will Forte), he later dies after talking to Jesus and Francine (Wendy Schaal), he is later seen in his version of heaven with the rest of his family.
  • American Dad: Hot Water (2011; animated) [Stan Smith]: Dies of his wounds after being thrown through the roof by the Hot Tub (CeeLo Green) trying to save Francine (Wendy Schaal).
  • Family Guy: It's a Trap! (2011) [Stewie Griffin as Darth Vader/Carter Pewterschmidt as Emperor Palpatine]: As Emperor Palpatine, Seth is picked up by Darth Vader (also voiced by Seth) and is thrown down a reactor pit, as Vader is pleased that Seth Green used nice manners to ask for help. Palpatine's corpse then hits John G. Brennan's ship on the way down. This is a parody of Ian McDiarmid's death in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. As Vader, Seth is mortally wounded while killing Palpatine, and asks Green to remove his helmet so he can look at him with his own eyes. However, Green accidentally breaks Vader's neck while twisting the helmet. He later appears as a force ghost and confronts Green about killing him. This is a parody of Sebastian Shaw/James Earl Jones' death in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
  • Family Guy: Forget-Me-Not (2013; animated) [Brian Griffin]: Shot in the chest by Patrick Warburton, when Seth leaps into the path of the bullet, meant for Peter (also voiced by Seth), he then dies in the arms of Peter. This turns out to be a simulation and he survives the episode in reality.
  • Family Guy: Life of Brian (2013; animated) [Brian Griffin]: Dies of his wounds after being ran over and crushed by a speeding car. His death was later reversed in Christmas Guy. (I'm listing this 'death' as it was one of the main characters of the show).
  • Family Guy: In Harmony's Way (2013; animated) [Peter Griffin]: Shoots himself in the mouth, as he steps onboard his touring bus, claiming that he is going to collect his stuff. (Played for comedic effect)
  • Family Guy: Grimm Job (2014; animated) [Big Bad Wolf]: Cut in half with a chainsaw by the Woodsman (also played by Seth), while Stewie (also played by Seth) looks on in shock. The cutting is seen on their shadows on the wall, with blood spraying everywhere, before the Big Bad Wolf's corpse is shown on the ground, while the Woodsman runs away. (Played for comedic effect)
  • Family Guy: Brian's a Bad Father (2014; animated) [Peter Griffin]: Shot in the back of the head by Quagmire (also voiced by Seth), while Patrick Warburton looks on in shock, as revenge for Peter accidentally shooting Quagmire in the arm, earlier in the episode. (Played for comedic effect)
  • Family Guy: Fresh Heir (2014; animated) [Peter Griffin]: Fades out of existence when he accidentally tears up his birth certificate, instead of his will. As he fades away, Seth fearfully tells Alex Borstein that he does not see the lights of heaven, but the fire of hell. (Played for comedic effect)
  • Family Guy: Herpe, the Love Sore (2014; animated) [Peter Griffin]: Has his throat cut open by a pair of ants offscreen. When Alex Borstein arrives to offer some lemonade to Seth, she finds him dead, screaming that she warned Seth not to play god with the ants. (Played for comedic effect)
  • Family Guy: Peter Problems (2014; animated) [Peter Griffin/Stewie Griffin]: Accidentally frozen to death in a freezer by his father (also voiced by Seth), who had also accidentally cooked Seth Green and Mila Kunis. (Played for comedic effect)
  • Family Guy: Chap Stewie (2014; animated) [Stewie Griffin/British Stewie]: Playing two versions of Stewie Griffin, who meet due to time travel, British Stewie is crushed underneath a falling stage light, causing him incredible pain as he begs for help. However, the other Stewie chooses not to help him, and instead waits for him to fade away, as he returns to him own timeline. (Played for comedic effect)
  • Family Guy: Peternormal Activity (2015; animated) [Peter Griffin/Glenn Quagmire]: Dies three times in the episode, as the gang of friends suggest horror movie concepts. First, Seth as Peter is mauled to death by monster cat, alongside Alex Borstein, with Seth being thrown off a cliff after being torn apart by the cat. In the next section, Peter slips and hits his head on a kitchen sink, after discovering Mike Henry dead. Finally Quagmire dies when he slips on some water, and a falling piece of wood impaled him in the eye, with these deaths being implied to have been committed by an evil bar of soap. (Played for comedic effect)
  • Family Guy: A Shot in the Dark (2015; animated) [Peter Griffin]: Purposes drives his car off a cliff, where it explodes, after driving past a speed sign which calls him fat, hurting his feelings. Despite the death, Seth returns in the next scene with no explanation. (Played for comedic effect)
  • Family Guy: High School English (2016; animated) [Various]: Dies three times in various stories. During the Great Gatsby section, Seth is shot three times in the back by Patrick Warburton, while he is relaxing in his swimming pool, causing him to sink to the bottom. This is a parody of the death played by Robert Redford, Toby Stephens and Leonardo DiCaprio in various adaptations. In the Huckleberry Finn section, Seth plays a pig that is stabbed in the gut by Peter (also voiced by Seth) who swings him around and causes his intestines to be flung around the farm. Finally, in the Of Mice and Men section, Seth plays a puppy that is given to Seth Green, who proceeds to squeeze the puppy so hard that he breaks it's neck.
  • Family Guy: V is for Mystery (2018) [Carter Pewterschmidt/Professor Moriarty]: Hit in the shoulder by a stray bullet, when he shoots at Stewie/Sherlock (also voiced by Seth), who deflects the bullet and causes it to hit Moriarty. While Sherlock is explaining how he did this, Brian/Watson notes that Moriaty is already dead, pointing to Moriarty's corpse floating in the water.
  • Family Guy: La Famiglia Guy (2020; animated) [Brian Griffin]: Dies twice during the episode, once when he is shot in the back of the head by Quagmire, under the orders of Peter (both also voiced by Seth). This is a paraody of John Martino's death in The Godfather. Brian later returns unharmed in the episode for unexplained reasons, and dies again when he is thrown into a wood-chipper by Alex Borstein. This is a parody of Steve Buscemi's death in Fargo.
  • Family Guy: Oscars Guy (2022; animated) [Stewie Griffin/Tom Tucker/Peter Griffin/Peter Griffin]: Murdered offscreen by Stewie (also voiced by Seth) while he is in his cell. We next see Stewie walking down the hallways while wearing Tom's face, although none of the other characters seem to notice and he is able to escape. This is a parody of Alex Coleman's death in The Silence of the Lambs. Meanwhile in the second story of the episode Peter (also voiced by Seth) gets Shot in the head by Joe (Voiced by Patrick Warburton) as he was about to have sex with a cheerleader. This is a parody of Kevin Spacey's death in American Beauty.


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