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Seth Green in Idle Hands

Seth Green (1974 - )

Creator of Robot Chicken

Film Deaths[]

  • The Hotel New Hampshire (1984) [ 'Egg' Berry]: Killed in a plane crash, along with Lisa Banes, while traveling to join the rest of their family.
  • Idle Hands (1999) [Mick]: Stabbed in the head with a broken beer bottle by Devon Sawa's possessed hand. He later returns as a zombie with Elden Henson.  They eventually "die" once again when they decide to go down the tunnel of light, and later reappear as Devon's guardian angels. 
  • The Attic Expeditions (2001) [Douglas]: Stabbed in the stomach by Andras Jones after Seth is possessed by Beth Bates’ spirit. 
  • Knockaround Guys (2001) [Johnny Marbles]: Shot to death by Dennis Hopper's thugs. 
  • Krampus (2015) [Lumpy]: Providing the voice of a gingerbread man he is shot to pieces by David Koechner with a shotgun after being set on fire by an exploding lantern.
  • The Lego Batman Movie (2017; animated) [King Kong]: A Lego Batmobile self-destructs in his face, blowing him up.
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) [Fighter jet pilot]: Killed while fighting Rodan.

Television Deaths[]

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Mass Effect 3 (2012) [Flight Lieutenant Jeff "Joker" Moreau]: Depending on the player's actions before assaulting Earth, Seth can perish off-screen by crashlanding the Normandy, but only if players chose the "Destroy" option and failed to build up enough war assets. If players chose the "Refusal" option, Seth will be harvested by the Reapers along with the rest of the cast and all other sentient life in the galaxy. In all other eventualities, however, Seth survives.


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