Left: Serge Gainsbourg in Mr. Freedom
Right: Serge Gainsbourg dead in Mr. Freedom

Serge Gainsbourg (1928 - 1991)


Film Deaths Edit

  • The Revolt of the Slaves (La Rivolta degli schiavi) (1960) [Corvino]: Mauled/eaten by his own dogs. (Thanks to Gerard)
  • Samson (Sansone; Samson contre Hercules) (1961) [Warkalla]: Eaten by sharks after he falls into the water. (Thanks to Gerard)
  • The Fury of Hercules (La Furia di Ercole; Fury of Samson) (1962) [Menistus]: Shot to death with arrows. (Thanks to Gerard)
  • Mr. Freedom (1969) [Monsieur Drugstore]: Killed (off-screen) along with all the other Freedom agents, when the outraged French citizens storm their headquarters; his body is shown afterwards when John Abbey surveys the carnage.
  • French Intrigue (Cannabis; The Mafia Wants Your Blood) (1970) [Serge]: Drowned, along with Jane Birkin, when their car goes into the lake. (Thanks to Gerard)
  • 19 Women and Mornar (19 dejvojaka i Mornar) (1971) [Mornar]: Shot to death by German soldiers. (Thanks to Gerard)

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