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On the island of Plymouth, Baker Dill (Matthew McConaughey) is a local fisherman approached by his ex-wife Karen Zariakas (Anne Hathaway) to do away with her abusive sexist new husband Frank (Jason Clarke), before he turns his mistreatment on their son Patrick (Rafel Sayegh). But Dill is in no fit mental state to do such a task due to being plagued by crippling strange visions that leave him doubting his sanity and even knowing what is real or fantasy.

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  • Filmed in Mauritius.
  • There are two references to Alcoholics Anonymous in the movie "Serenity". The first reference: "Serenity" the name of Matthew McConaughey character's boat in the movie. "Serenity" is a word frequently used in AA. Even in the title of a meetings opening/closing prayer, "The Serenity Prayer" The second reference: at about an hour & ten minutes in, McConaughey character, Baker Dill/Dillon, says he "probably needs to see Dr Bob." Dr Bob is what members of AA call Robert Holbrook Smith, who Co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Fontaine Fishing Company, that Reid Miller works for in the movie, is likely a reference to Fontaine Industries from the video game Bioshock.
  • The film strongly references some famous literally works including The Moby Dick (the protagonist's Captain Ahab-like obsession), The Old Man and the Sea (the characters obsession to catch the one fish that got away), The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner (the same symbolic bird always following the boat) and Shakespeare's The Tempest (the "we are such stuff, as dreams are made on" quote).
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