Sebastian Cabot in Gunsmoke-The Que

Sebatian Cabot just before his death in Gunsmoke: The Queue

Sebatian Cabot fatally shot in Gunsmoke-The Que

Sebastian Cabot fatally shot in Gunsmoke: The Queue

Sebastian Cabot (1918 - 1977)

Movie DeathsEdit

  • Kismet (1955) [Wazir]: Executed (off-screen); we last see him when Vic Damone sentences him to death. (Thanks to Gordon)
  • Dragoon Wells Massacre (1957) [Jonah McAdam]: Shot to death by Barry Sullivan when Sebastian tries to make a deal with the Apaches. (Thanks to Gordon and Brian) 
  • Terror In a Texas Town (1958) [Ed McNeil] Shot by Ned Young.
  • Twice-Told Tales (The Corpse-Makers; Nights of Terror) (1963) [Dr. Carl Heideggar]: Stabbed in the stomach during a struggle with Vincent Price in Sebastian's laboratory; after his death, his youth formula wears off and his body returns to his true age.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Gunsmoke: The Queue (1955) [Bailey]: Shot to death by James Arness, after Keye Luke surrenders his treasure box to Sebastian.
  • Search: Ends of the Earth (1972) [Theodore Tobler]: Announced as killed by lions in eastern Africa (off-screen); there is doubt as to his actual death in the episode, and Tony Francisosa announces plans to try and locate him.

Notable ConnectionsEdit

Father of Annette Cabot and Christopher Cabot

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