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Sean Young in No Way Out

Sean Young (1959 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • No Way Out (1987) [Susan Atwell]: Falls to her death on a glass table during a fight with Gene Hackman.
  • A Kiss Before Dying (1991) [Ellen Carlsson/Dorothy Carlsson]: Playing a dual role as twin sisters, "Dorothy" is pushed off a rooftop by Matt Dillon. (The character is pregnant at the time; "Ellen" survives the movie.) (See also Joanne Woodward in the 1956 version.)
  • Forever (1992) [Mary Miles Minter]: Plays the ghost of Mary Miles Minter, who died of heart failure at 82; the ghost manifests herself as she appeared at the peak of her film career.
  • Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (1992) [Twinkle]: Shot in the chest by Max Parrish while she's trying to strangle Adrienne Shelly. After they leave, Adrienne goes back and shoots Sean again (off-screen) to make sure she's dead. (Earlier in the movie, Max accidentally shot Sean in the stomach, apparently killing her, but it later turned out she wasn't dead yet after all. There is also a dream sequence in which Sean is shown lying in a grave.)
  • Fatal Instinct (1993) [Lola Cain]: Shot by Sherilyn Fenn as she rushes at Sherilyn and Armand Assante while wielding an icepick. (Played for comic effect).
  • Motel Blue (1999) [Lana Hawking]: Shot in the chest by Robert Vaughn.
  • The House Next Door (2002) [Monica]: Garroted by James Russo. Her body is shown when A.J. Cook finds Sean, Theresa Russell and Frederic Forrest all dead in James' basement.
  • A Killer Within (2004) [Becky Terrill]: Strangled with a scarf by Dedee Pfeiffer in an attempt to seduce Sean while she's abusing her own son (Quinn Lujan); Ben Browder then carries Sean's body upstairs and ties her to the bed to make it look like she was killed by an intruder. Her body is shown afterwards when C. Thomas Howell arrives during the police investigation, and the murder is shown afterwards in a flashback when C. Thomas figures out what happened. (Since Ben confessed to Sean's murder, the movie leaves it ambiguous as to whether the flashback is what actually happened, or is just C. Thomas imagining another way it might have happened.)
  • Headspace (2005) [Mother]: Shot in the head by Larry Fessenden when she comes at him with two knives outside their home, while their children (Quinn Lujan and Daniel Manche) look on in horror.
  • The Garden (2006) [Ms. Chapman]: Dies from exerting her energy to summon a supernatural sword for Adam Taylor Gordon to use against Lance Henriksen.
  • Jug Face (2013) [Loriss]: Torn to shreds (off-screen) when a pit is cheated out of its proper sacrifice and starts to kill indiscriminately.
  • Blade Runner 2049 (2017) [Rachael Rosen]: Dies (off-screen) during childbirth in the space of time between Blade Runner and this sequel, giving birth to her daughter. Her skeleton body is seen when Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright and David Dastmalchian view the skeleton in the morgue. A clone (played by Loren Peta with her features digitally altered to resemble Sean), appears later in the film and is then shot in the head by Sylvia Hoeks under the orders of Jared Leto.

Television Deaths[]

  • 1st to Die (2003; TV movie) [Joanna Wade]: Stabbed to death (off-screen) by Angie Everhart; her body is shown afterwards when Tracy Pollan discovers her lying in a bathtub.


Noteworthy Connections[]

  • Wife of Robert Lujan.