Scout Taylor-Compton in Cynthia

Scout Taylor-Compton (1989 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • April Fool's Day (2008) [Torrance Caldwell]: In a film-within-the-film, Scout is stabbed multiple times in the chest and stomach by a masked intruder. (in reality she survives the movie).
  • Halloween II (2009) [Laurie Strode]: In the Director's Cut, she is shot repeatedly in her chest by police while she's standing over Malcolm McDowell's dead body and holding a knife, as Brad Dourif shouts at them to hold their fire. (After she falls to the ground, the movie fades to a scene of Scout sitting in a white room; although this might be interpreted as meaning that she is now in heaven inside an asylum, director Rob Zombie states on the DVD's audio commentary that she is indeed dead and that this is her dying vision.) (In the original theatrical release, she survives the movie.) (Thanks to Problematic)
  • Cynthia (2018) [Robin]: Throat slit with a box cutter by Bill Moseley. This is then shown to be a surreal nightmare that Scout is having. At the end of the movie, she commits suicide by shooting herself in the head (off-camera).

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