Scott Vickaryous (1975 -)


Scott Vickaryous in Silent Scream.

Film Deaths Edit

  • Shattered Hearts: A Moment of Truth Movie (1998) [Luke Muldenhower]: Dies from complications brought on by cancer.
  • Silent Scream (The Retreat) (2005) [Mark]: Stabbed to death by the hooded figure in the woods. (the entire movie turns out to be a shared dream resulting from Peter Carey’s psychology experement, before the final scene indicates that Peter plans to carry out all the murders.)

TV DeathsEdit

  • The Outer Limits: Last Supper (1997) [Young Dr. Sinclair]: Playing the younger form briefly assumed by Michael Hogan after he injects himself with Sandrine Holt's blood in a bid for immortality, Scott is ultimately killed when his rejuvenation does not stop, causing him regress into adolescence, childhood, and finally infancy (all stages portrayed through a mixture of different actors and CGI) - before he finally melts into a puddle of unborn cells as Sandrine and the rest of Scott/Michael's hostages look on in horror.
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