Dark blue

Scott Speedman in Dark Blue

Scott Speedman (1975 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Dark Blue (2002) [Detective Bobby Keough]: Shot repeatedly with a machine gun and shotgun by both Kurupt and Dash Mihok who fire from their rooftop. He dies in Michael Michele's arms while talking to Kurt Russell (who holds his hand).
  • Underworld: Evolution (2006) [Michael Corvin]: Impaled through the chest/stomach at the end of a struggle with Tony Curran. He dies as Kate Beckinsale tries to save him (he later comes back to life due to his healing powers).
  • The Strangers (2008) [James Hoyt]: Stabbed repeatedly in the chest and stomach along with Liv Tyler (who survives) by the masked Kip Weeks, Gemma Ward and Laura Margolis. His body is later seen (along with Glenn Howerton) when Alex Fisher and Peter Clayton-Luce discover them.
  • Barney's Version (2010) [Boogie]: Dies from being dropped into a forest blaze from a fire fighter plane (initially it's implied he was shot by Paul Giamatti while swimming).
  • Good Neighbours (2010) [Spencer]: Falls to his death over the edge of a fire escape after being kicked by Jay Baruchel during a struggle.
  • Underworld: Blood Wars (2016) [Michael Corvin]: While Scott doesn't appear in the film, it is revealed that he was shot to death by Tobias Menzies between films. (NOTE: There is a flashback that is shown where Scott is shot, but it seems to have used stock footage) 
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