Scott Glenn (left, with Kathleen Miller) in Fighting Mad

Scott Glenn (1939 - )

Film Deaths

  • Fighting Mad (1976) [Charlie Hunter]: Killed, along with Kathleen Miller, when the land developers' thugs push their car over a cliff, after beating them into unconsciousness and forcing liquor down their throats to simulate a drunk-driving accident.
  • Apocalypse Now (1979) [Captain Richard M. Colby]: Stabbed in the chest with a knife throw by Martin Sheen in the workprint, after Scott shoots Dennis Hopper.
  • The Keep (1983) [Glaeken Trismegestus]: Sucked into a portal to limbo while destroying Michael Carter. (Some TV versions contain an extended ending, where Scott survives.)
  • Backdraft (1991) [John 'Axe' Adcox]: Falls to his death and/or is burned to death (having caught on fire) when Kurt Russell loses his grip while they dangle from a broken catwalk after the floor collapses underneath him during a fire. (Thanks to Neil)
  • Extreme Justice (1993) [Dan Vaughn]: Is said to have been killed in a line of Duty (off-screen)
  • Night of the Running Man (1994) [David Eckhart]: Hit in the head with a board with a nail sticking through it at the end of a fight with Andrew McCarthy (his body is later seen when Andrew sets his car on fire).
  • Tall Tale (Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill) (1995) [J.P. Stiles]: Crushed to death when an explosion causes the tunnel he's in to collapse on top of him.
  • Absolute Power (1997) [Bill Burton]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by shooting himself in his office; his body is shown afterwards when Ed Harris discovers him. (Thanks to Eric)
  • Firestorm (1998) [Wynt Perkins]: Shot repeatedly with a shotgun in a shootout with William Forsythe as Howie Long looks on in shock, he dies as Howie kneels by his side. His body is later seen when the firestorm burns the dock he's on.
  • Vertical Limit (2000) [Montgomery Wick]: Falls to his death along with Bill Paxton when he cuts the rope while they're climbing out of a mountain crevice (in order to save the other climbers).
  • Buffalo Soldiers (2001) [1SG Robert E. Lee]: Falls to his death when Joaquin Phoenix wraps his handcuff chains around Scott's neck and throws them both out the window (with Phoneix surviving by landing on Scott).
  • Secretariat (2010) [Christopher Chenery]: Dies of complications from a stroke; he dies with his daughter (Diane Lane) by his bedside in hospital.

TV Deaths

  • Gargoyles (1972 TV movie) [James Reeger]: Burned to death when he lights his cigarette lighter to ignite some spilled fuel, sacrificing himself to destroy some of the gargoyles.
  • 'Marvel's The Defenders (2017) [Stick]: Stabbed in the chest with his own sword by Elodie Yung.


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