• Sasha Horne in 'Whodunnit?: Bum Ba Dee Da'
  • Sasha Horne (with Dana Davis Blake) in 'Whodunnit?: Bum Ba Dee Da'

Sasha Horne (19?? - )

TV DeathsEdit

  • Whodunnit?: Bum Ba Dee Da (2013) [Herself]: Killed (off-screen) (along with Dana Davis Blake) by Cris Crotz who cut their wrists draining all of their blood after already knocking them out with a washcloth soaked in chloroform. Their bodies were found near the piano by Geno Walker. Their deaths were revealed in a flashback. (Technically she and Dana didn't die. They were forced to act in their own death scene after stating their worst theory of Ulysses Wilson's "death". They returned in episode 9 as "zombies" as part of the final challenge, and were later seen congratulating Kam Perez for solving the case.)
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