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Sarah Wynter (1973 - )

Sarah Wynter in Species II

Film Deaths[]

  • Species II (1998) [Melissa]: Dies after an sexual encounter with Justin Lazard has her giving birth to an alien creature (off-screen); her body is shown afterwards when Justin wakes up next to her and discovers that she's dead.
  • Lost Souls (2000) [Claire Van Owen]: Shot to death (in the chest and stomach) by Winona Ryder after they struggle for a gun, which originally Sarah pulls out of a hidden draw after Ben Chaplin discovers she's part of a Satanist group.
  • The 6th Day (2000) [Talia Elsworth]: Playing a woman who is duplicated repeatedly, she dies three times: (1) Her first clone is accidentally shot in the throat when Rodney Rowland's laser gun shoots at Arnold Schwarzenegger and hits her instead; this body is later shown lying in the lab/morgue next to her second clone. (2) Her second clone gets her fingers shot off and then Arnold fatally pistol-whips her; Arnold using her thumb to get into Tony Goldwyn's headquarters which makes her third clone unable to enter the building. (3) Her third clone is accidentally hanged by Arnold when she gets tangled in some cloning tubes and wires while trying to kill Arnold; she doesn't come back from this death.

TV Deaths[]

  • The Dead Zone: Broken Circle (2005) [Rebecca Caldwell]: Shot repeatedly by Secret Service agents after she shoots Sean Patrick Flanery, in Anthony Michael Hall's vision of the future; Anthony later prevents her death from occurring. (Thanks to Tony)