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Sarah Jane Morris in Cold Case: Start Up

Sarah Jane Morris (1977 - )

TV Deaths[]

  • Murder In Small Town X: Episode 1 (2001) [Abigail "Abby" Flint]: Shot by Tom Stechschulte. The screen flashes to white at the sound of a gunshot. Her body is later found in the final episode by Angel Juarbe Jr. at Tom’s house.
  • Windfall: The Myth of More (2006) [Zoe Reida]: Apparently killed (off-screen), when she's pushed down a flight of stairs during a struggle with Peyton List. Her body is seen when D.J. Cotrona views her body in the morgue.
  • Cold Case: Start Up (2005) [Amy Lind]: Poisoned with potassium covered in a bottle of water by Rodney Scott on Richard Cox's orders. Her body is shown, covered in flies, at the beginning of the episode, and the final moments before her death are shown in a flashback later on. She appears as a ghost/figment of the characters' imagination to her sister (Valerie Dillman) at the end of the episode after her murder is solved.


Notable Connections[]

  • Mrs. Ned Brower