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Sarah French (left) dead in Death House

Sarah French (1982 - )

a.k.a. Scarlet Salem

Film Deaths[]

  • You're Next 3: Pajama Party Massacre (2007 short film) [Jennifer]: Presumably killed by Joe Knetter.
  • The City (2009) [Victim]:
  • Monsterland (2016) [The Victim]:
  • Death House (2017) [Icicle Killer's Victim]: Stabbed in the the back of her neck with an icicle along with Kevin Caliber by Sid Haig. This happens in an augmented reality simulation. (Nudity Alert: Topless)
  • Rootwood (2018) [Erin]: Killed off-camera, possibly by The Wooden Devil. Her body is found outside the trailer by Tyler Gallant.
  • Blind (2019) [Faye Dayne]: Presumably killed off-screen by the killer after he unmasked himself in front of her as she was lying on her bed. (Nudity Alert: Topless full frontal)
  • Automation (2019) [Linda]: Killed by Jeff J. Knight after he had bear-hugged her as she embraced him emotionally.
  • Art of the Dead (2019) [Heidi]: Stabbed behind her head by Cynthia Aileen Strahan after which she took some chunks of her brain out. (Nudity Alert: Topless)
  • Hanukkah (2019) [Cheryl]: Killed (off-screen) by Joe Knetter. Her body, carved with a Star of David on her stomach is found by her house mate outside their residence. (Nudity Alert: Topless)
  • Clown Fear (2020) [Britney]: Stabbed inside her mouth with a long knife by a masked man. (Nudity Alert: Topless full frontal right before death)
  • The Special (2020) [Lisa]: Stabbed in her forehead with a bolt cutter (taking out a chunk of her forehead) by her husband (Davy Raphaely) after he had unsuccessfully tried to kill her by choking.

TV Deaths[]

  • Pool Boy Nightmare (2020 TV Movie) [Rhonda]: Knocked in her forehead at a side of the swimming pool by Tanner Zagarino. He then placed her naked body inside her house in the bathtub in face down position.

Music Video Deaths[]

  • Twiztid: Boogieman (2015) [Cassandra]: Presumably killed by neck snapping off-screen as Tyler Mane killed Elissa Dowling in the same way.
  • Twiztid: FTS (2015) [Bar Zombie]: Presumably killed before the events of this movie began. Appeared as a zombie. She is killed again after a man had broken a glass bottle in the back of her head.