Santiago Cabrera dead (dummy) in Heroes: .07%

Santiago Cabrera (1978 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • None

TV DeathsEdit

  • Heroes: .07% (2007) [Isaac Mendez]:Top of head sliced open by Zachary Quinto's telekinetic powers in Santiago's studio. (His body was first shown in the earlier episode Don't Look Back when Masi Oka visits the future and discovers Santiago's body. His body is shown again in the subsequent episode The Hard Part when Masi and James Kyson Lee discover him.)
  • Merlin: The Darkest Hour - Part 2 (2011) [Sir Lancelot]: Sacrifices himself by walking into a veil to the spirit world on an island to heal the veil and to stop ghostly spirits from attacking Camelot. He is revived in the episode Lancelot du Lac when Katie McGrath tosses a magical coin into a lake and uses necromancy to bring him back to life with the purpose of preventing a marriage between Bradley James and Angel Coulby from happening. After accomplishing this task, Katie gives Santiago an order to kill himself. Colin Morgan gives Santiago a burial and uses magic to briefly resurrect him where he speaks the name of his friend before dying again. Colin then sends the boat which Santiago's body is in out into a lake before setting it alight.
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