Sandra Bullock (1964 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Fire on the Amazon (1993) [Alyssa]: Shot in the stomach by a soldier during a protest in the rainforest; she dies in Craig Sheffer's arms after he carries her into an airplane to escape the soldiers. (Thanks to PortsGuy and Thomas)
  • The Vanishing (1993) [Diane Shaver]: Buried alive (off-screen) after being chloroformed into unconsciousness by Jeff Bridges. The chloroforming is shown in a flashback, but we don't find out what happened afterwards until Kiefer Sutherland finds himself buried alive while "retracing her steps". (See also Johanna ter Steege in the 1988 version.) (Thanks to Jim & Lisa)
  • The Net (1995) [Angela Bennett]: Drowns after falling off a ski-jet, but is brought revived (both barely off-screen) by fisherman who unexpectedly saved her.


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