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Samara Weaving in Guns Akimbo

Samara Weaving (1992 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Bad Girl (2016) [Chloe/Jessica]: Stabbed in the stomach when Sara West turns her own knife on her during a struggle in a pool as Samara tries to kill her. She dies shortly after in Sara's arms and her body is seen submerged in the pool later as the camera moves in on it.

Television Deaths[]

  • Ash vs Evil Dead: The Dark One (2016) [Heather]: Ripped apart by a demonic entity (off-screen), in addition to being crushed by a couch and stabbed by several nails; we last see her being dragged off into a cabin before her body parts are expelled before a horrified Dana DeLorenzo. Her disembodied head is later possessed by the entity.

Notable Connections[]