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Sam Waterston in Heaven's Gate

Sam Waterston (1940 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Savages (1972) [James, the Limping Man]: Commits suicide by drowning himself in the swimming pool during a party; his body is shown again periodically as other party guests swim around him without caring.
  • Capricorn One (1978) [Colonel Peter Willis]: Killed (off-screen) by assassins after they catch him in the desert (after climbing a cliff). He manages to get off his flare signal in time.

Television Deaths[]

  • Amazing Stories: Mirror, Mirror (1986) [Jordan Manmouth]: Strangled in his bed by the demonic being (Tim Robbins) that Sam can only see as a reflection in mirrors. Moments later, Sam's body is taken over by the demon, and he commits suicide by throwing himself out the window as Helen Shaver looks on in horror.
  • Lincoln (1988 mini-series) [Abraham Lincoln]: Shot in the head by Glenn Faigen at Ford's Theatre, while Sam and his wife (Mary Tyler Moore) are watching a play (I've never seen this mini-series, so I don't know if his death is shown).
  • The Newsroom: Oh Shenandoah (2014) [Charlie Skinner]: Dies from a heart attack (off screen); the scene cuts from Sam falling over to Jeff Daniels being informed of his death by Emily Mortimer. The next episode takes place at his funeral.
  • Godless: Wisdom of the horse (2017) [Marshal John Cook]: Shot in the head by Adam David Thompson, on orders from Jeff Daniels, after Jeff and his gang ambush Sam in a saloon. His body is shown in the next episode in the funeral parlor as Scoot McNairy pays his respects.

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