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Sam Waterston in Heaven's Gate

Sam Waterston (1940 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Savages (1972) [James, the Limping Man]: Commits suicide by drowning himself in the swimming pool during a party; his body is shown again periodically as other party guests swim around him without caring.
  • Capricorn One (1978) [Colonel Peter Willis]: Killed (off-screen) by assassins after they catch him in the desert (after climbing a cliff). He manages to get off his flare signal in time.
  • Heaven's Gate (Johnson County Wars) (1980) [Frank Canton]: Shot to death, along with his men, by Kris Kristofferson, after Sam and his men kill Jeff Bridges and Isabelle Huppert (historically, Frank Canton died on September 27, 1927).

Television Deaths[]

  • Amazing Stories: Mirror, Mirror (1986) [Jordan Manmouth]: Strangled in his bed by the demonic being (Tim Robbins) that Sam can only see as a reflection in mirrors. Moments later, Sam's body is taken over by the demon, and he commits suicide by throwing himself out the window as Helen Shaver looks on in horror.
  • Lincoln (1988 mini-series) [Abraham Lincoln]: Shot in the head by Glenn Faigen at Ford's Theatre, while Sam and his wife (Mary Tyler Moore) are watching a play.
  • The Newsroom: Oh Shenandoah (2014) [Charlie Skinner]: Dies from a heart attack (off-screen); the scene cuts from Sam falling over to Jeff Daniels being informed of his death by Emily Mortimer. The next episode takes place at his funeral.
  • Godless: Wisdom of the Horse (2017) [Marshal John Cook]: Shot in the head by Adam David Thompson, on orders from Jeff Daniels, after Jeff and his gang ambush Sam in a saloon. His body is shown in the next episode in the funeral parlor as Scoot McNairy pays his respects.


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