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Sam Keeley in Misfits: Episode 2.2


Sam Keeley and Catrin Stewart's ghosts in Misfits: Episode 2.2

Sam Keeley (1990 -)

Film Deaths[]

  • What Richard Did (2012) [Conor Harris]: Dies (off-screen) after being kicked in the head at the end of a fight with Jack Reynor. His death is confirmed when Gavin Drea informs Jack and Fionn Walton the next day.
  • In the Heart of the Sea (2015) [Ramsdell]: Dies of unspecific circumstances (off-screen) between the years 1821 to 1850, where Ben Whishaw (portraying Herman Melville) tells Brendan Gleeson that he is the only remaining survivor of the Essex. (Historically inaccurate, the real Charles Ramsdell was still alive in 1850 and later died on July 8, 1866).
  • Anthropoid (2016) [Josef Bublík]: Details needed.

Television Deaths[]