Saffron Burrows (with Julian Sands) in The Loss of Sexual Innocence

Saffron Burrows (1972 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Deep Blue Sea (1999) [Dr. Susan McCallister]: Eaten by the shark, after she deliberately cuts her hand and dives into the water to act as bait so that Thomas Jane and LL Cool J can kill the shark. (Thanks to Tal, Germboygel, Gary, James, Rich, and Thomas)
  • The Loss of Sexual Innocence (1999) [The Twins]: Playing a dual role as separated-at-birth twins (neither of whom is ever identified by name), the British-raised twin is stabbed to death by a group of Tunisian natives in revenge for the film crew's accidental killing of a young boy with their jeep. (The Italian-raised twin survives the movie.)

Television Deaths Edit


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