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Ryo Ishibashi in 'Brother'

Ryo Ishibashi (1956 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Enemy Kill (1991) [Han Yurishuki]: Killed by a lightning beam by Arnis Hasi.
  • American Yakuza (1993) [Shuji Sawamoto]: Shot/stabbed repeatedly in the stomach/torso at the end of a fight/shoot-out with Michael Nouri (who he manages to stab then throw through a top floor window). He dies while talking to Viggo Mortensen (who then carries his body out of a building).
  • Blue Tiger (1994) [Gan]: Burned to death/Killed in an explosion along with several other yakuza members when mob assassins detonate a bomb in the building their in. His body (an obvious special effect dummy) is seen when cops examine him/it in the morgue (I haven’t seen all the film but I have seen his death scene online and on video).
  • Another Lonely Hitman '(Shin kanashiki hittoman) '(1995) [Takashi Tachibana]: Shot to death just as he is about to leave to start a new life.
  • Kids Return (Kizzu ritân) (1996) [Local Yakuza Chief]: Dies when he is shot to death by a hitman riding a bicyle.
  • Brother (2000) [Ishihara]: Shot to death off-screen by the Italian mob in a one-sided shootout. His body is shown laying on the floor.
  • Suicide Club (Jisatsu sâkuru) (2001) [Detective Toshiharu Kuroda]: Shoots himself in the mouth after he loses his mind when he sees that his entire family committed suicide.
  • The Grudge (2004) [Det. Nakagawa]: Drowned by Takashi Matsuyama's ghost in a flooded bathtub as he is trying to burn down the haunted cursed house.
  • War (2007) [Shiro Yanagawa]: Decapitated with a Katana (after having his throat/neck slashed following being cut and stabbed in several parts of his body) at the end of swordfight with Jet Li (His severed head is later shown first being carried by Li then in a box when Li mails it to his daughter Devon Aoki).

TV Deaths[]

  • Back to Back (1996 TV movie) (A. K. A. American Yakuza 2) (Koji): He is killed when Vincent Schiavelli shoots him in the restaurant's subway and Ryo takes his last look at Michael Rooker.
  • Masters of Horror" (2007) "Dream Cruise" [Eiji Saito]: Mutilated from boat propellers by Miho Ninagawa’s ghost, yet regenerates when Miho's ghost possesses his body, but after being stabbed by Daniel Gillies in self-defense, Ryo's fatal injuries resume before falling overboard as Miho's ghost leaves his body.

Video Game Deaths[]

  • None