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Ryan Kwanten in Dead Silence

Ryan Kwanten (1976 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Dead Silence (2007) [Jamie Ashen]: Tongue torn out (off-screen) by Judith Roberts' ghost after Amber Valletta reveals herself as a puppet controlled by Judith; the movie ends with him screaming as Judith appears. (The DVD includes an alternate ending in which his body is shown transformed into a puppet.)
  • Mystery Road (2013) [Pete Bailey/William Smith]: Shot in the head by Aaron Pedersen at the end of a sniper shootout (after Aaron shoots out his tires as Ryan is escaping).
  • Flight 7500 (2014) [Brad Martin]: Deprived of oxygen after the plane he's traveling on suffers uncontrolled decompression. He remains on the plane unaware of his death until he sees his body and later "dies" again when he allows his soul to be collected by a spirit.
  • Blunt Force Trauma (2015) [John]: Likely shot and killed (off-screen) in a pistol duel with Mickey Rourke; the film fades to white as they both fire at each other, but a quick flashback of Freida Pinto calling him a "stupid boy" as Ryan draws heavily implies he will not survive.
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