Rya Kihlstedt (1970 - )


Rya Kihlstedt in Once Upon a Time: Firebird


Rya Kihlstedt (left) dead in Once Upon a Time: Firebird

Film Deaths Edit

  • Deep Impact (1998) [Chloe]: Presumably dies off-screen in a large tidal wave cause by the small comet striking the Atlantic ocean. (She wasn't shown in any of the last scenes, before it hit, but it's implied that she MAY have stayed behind with her new husband (Maximilian Schell).
  • Secrets in a Small Town (Nowhere) (2019) [Ruth Simmons]: Fatally strikes her head on a rock after being tripped up by Kate Drummond, as Rya is attempting to kill Kate's daughter, Nell Verlaque.

TV DeathsEdit

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