Ruth de sosa

Ruth de Sosa (with Gavan O'Herilhy) in Tales from the Crypt: Three's a Crowd

Ruth de Sosa (19?? - )

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TV DeathsEdit

  • Monsters: Pillow Talk (1988) [Barbara]: Eaten alive by the monster in John Diehl's bed while she begs him to help, and as he looks on. John had brought her back to his apartment after a date, ostensibly to have sex with her, but in reality to feed her to his "pet" monster.
  • Tales from the Crypt: Three's a Crowd (1990) [Della]: Strangled with a stocking by Gavan O'Herlihy; he then drags her body back to the cabin only to find a group of guests gathered for a surprise party for him (The character is pregnant at the time and to add insult to injury, it had taken years for her to get pregnant).

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