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Ruth Gemmell in Silent Witness: Sins of the Fathers (1996).

Ruth Gemmell (1967 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Macbeth (1998) [Lady Macduff]: Killed by Sean Pertwee's soldiers.
  • F (2010) (The Expelled) [Sarah Balham]: Beaten in the head with a fire extinguisher by one of the hooded thugs. Her body is later discovered when David Schofield finds her, with a barbed garotte around her neck. (Thanks to Brian)

TV Deaths:[]

  • Band Of Gold (1995) [Gina Dickson]: Found dead on a wasteground.
  • Silent Witness: Sins of the Fathers (1996) [Detective Constable Kerry Cox]: Reportedly killed by falling rubble while searching through an abandoned building; her body is also shown in the morgue while Amanda Burton examines her.(Nudity alert: Topless)
  • Primeval: Series 3 Episode 4 (2009) [Katherine Kavanagh]: Devoured by the Gigantosaurus along Ramon Tikaram as she films it. We see the creature from her view with it's gaping maw and the reaction of the horrified witnesses tells us of her fate.
  • Waking the Dead: End Game (2009) [Linda Cummings]: Falls to her death (off-screen) at the end of a rooftop confrontation with Trevor Eve as Ruth dares him to let her die; Trevor grabs her arm but just before the credits roll we see him release his grip, leaving it ambiguous whether he lost it intentionally or not. 
  • Penny Dreadful: And They Were Enemies (2015) [Octavia Putney] Neck snapped by Rory Kinnear.

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