Armand's death

Rufus Sewell in The Legend of Zorro

Rufus Sewell (1967 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • The Woodlanders (1997) [Giles Winterborne]: Dies (off-screen) from a combination of pneumonia and an unspecified illness.
  • Bless the Child (2000) [Eric Stark]: Shot in the chest by Jimmy Smits.
  • Vinyan (2008) [Paul Bellman]: Stabbed and impaled with bamboo spears by the Vinyan (ghost children), as Emmanuelle Beart looks on in horror. His body is shown again afterwards as the Vinyan disembowel him.
  • All Things to All Men (2013) [Jonathon Parker]: Shot in the back by Leo Gregory.

Deaths in TelevisionEdit

  • She Creature (Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature) (2001) [Angus]: Killed by Rya Kihlstedt after she transforms into a monster.
  • Parade's End (2012) [Reverend Duchemin]: Having been sent home from the mental asylum, he is upstairs in the bath when Anne-Marie Duff sees red water pouring down the downstairs wall. We then see a long shot of him lying dead in the overflowing bath. We can see only his head and shoulders and his right arm, no hand, and his left arm is in the water so must assume he has slashed his wrists.
  • Restless (2012) [Lucas Romer]: Shot (off-screen) by Hayley Atwell.



Son of Bill Sewell (director)

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