Ruby Modine (1990-)
Ruby Modine

Ruby Modine in Happy Death Day

Films Deaths Edit

  • Happy Death Day (2017) [Lori Spengler]: Poisoned when Jessica Rothe shoves a cupcake (that has been laced with poison) in her mouth during a struggle. Then falls to her death when Jessica kicks her out a window. We see her when she lands in front of Tran Tran who screams in horror. Her body is then shown below when Jessica looks down from the window above.
  • Happy Death Day 2U (2019) [Lori Spengler]: Depsite being dead in the first film, she appears alive in different time loops. 1. Stabbed in the heart by Charles Aitken (off-screen). We only seen the knife after as Ruby turns around to Jessica Rothe. 2. Stabbed to the death by Charles (off-screen). Her body is shown afterwards when Jessica discovers her. 3. Killed (off-screen) along with Peter Jaymes Jr. and Israel Broussard by Rob Mello. Their deaths are confirmed when Jessica sees a news report about it and they're undone when Jessica runs her car into an electrical box to start the loop all over again. (In the final time loop she survives when Jessica saves her from Rob and Charles).
  • Satanic Panic (2019) [Judi Ross]:Throat slit by Rebecca Romijn while she was chained on the table for a satanic ceremony.


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