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Roy Thinnes in Airport 1975.

Roy Thinnes (dummy) getting sucked out of the plane in Airport 1975

Roy Thinnes (1938 - )

Movie Deaths:[]

  • Airport 1975 (1974) [Urias]: Sucked out of the plane when Dana Andrews' plane hits the side of the plane's cockpit.
  • Rush Week (1989) [Dean Grail]: Decapitated with an axe by Dean Hamilton

TV Deaths:[]

  • 12 O'Clock High: In Search of My Enemy (1965) [Maj. Jake Hays]: Mortally wounded from machinegun fire from a FW 190 German fighter plane while on a bombing mission. He dies before his plane gets back to England.
  • Murder, She Wrote: The Taxman Cometh (1991) [J.K. Davern]: Shot in the chest (off-camera) by Gregg Henry. We hear the shot inside Phyllis Newman's store. His body is shown later when Angela Lansbury and Phyllis rushed out to investigate the shot.
  • One Life to Live (February 1995) [Sloan Carpenter]: Dies of Hodgkin's disease, with Erika Slezak by his side.

Notable Connections[]

  • Ex-Mr. Lynn Loring
  • Mr. Stephanie Batailler (producer/writer)