Roy Roberts (1907 - 1975)
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Roy Roberts in The Man Behind the Gun

Film Deaths Edit

  • Cripple Creek (1952) [Marshal John Tetheroe]: Shot in the chest at close range by Richard Egan when he tries to draw his gun. (Thanks to Brian)
  • House of Wax (1953) [Matthew Burke]: Strangled to death in his office with a rope by Vincent Price. Vincent then makes it look like Roy hanged himself in an elevator shaft.
  • The Man Behind the Gun (1953) [Senator Mark Sheldon]: Drowned in the river at the end of a struggle with Randolph Scott.
  • The Last Command (1955) [Dr. Summerfield]: Stabbed to death with a bayonet in the Alamo chapel by the Mexican soldiers. His death is shown in the background as more soldiers go down a passage towards Sterling Hayden. (Thanks to Brian).

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