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Ross Martin in The Twilight Zone: Death Ship

Ross Martin (1920 - 1981)

Film Deaths[]

  • Conquest of Space (1955) [Sgt. Andre Fodor]: Hit by a meteor while he's outside the ship doing repairs to the hull.
  • The Colossus of New York (1958) [Dr. Jeremy Spensser]: Hit by a truck while retrieving Charles Herbert's toy plane from the road. His father (Otto Kruger) places Ross' brain into a robot body (Ed Wolff); his brain and new body finally die when Charles deactivates his control switch.
  • Experiment in Terror (The Grip of Fear) (1962) [Garland Humphrey 'Red' Lynch]: Shot to death by Glenn Ford as Ross tries to escape.
  • Geronimo (1962) [Mangus]: Killed by enemy troops (I can't exactly remember the death scene).

TV Deaths[]

  • The Twilight Zone: Death Ship (1963) [Lt. Ted Mason]: Killed (off-screen), along with Fred Beir and Jack Klugman, when their ship crashes on an alien planet; their bodies are shown afterwards when they discover their own bodies. A variety of explanations are suggested for the situation (time travel, a telepathic illusion) before it's revealed that the "living" crew are actually ghosts, being prevented from moving on to the afterlife by Jack's refusal to accept his death.
  • Wagon Train: The Sam Pulaski Story (1963) [Sam Pulaski]: Shot to death in a city street shootout when Ross, Stanley Adams and Richard Bakalyan attempt to ambush Robert Fuller . As Ross' character didn't know how to use a gun he was firing wildly as Robert pleaded for him to stop. When Robert was hit in the shoulder he finished the gunfight by fataly shooting Ross in the chest as his sister (Annette Funicello) watched helplessly.
  • McCloud: The Solid Gold Swingers (1973) [Charles Hollenbeck]: Shot to death by Dennis Weaver, while Ross is trying to kill Joanna Pettet.
  • The Return of Mod Squad (1979) [Buck Prescott]: Shot in the stomach by Tom Bosley.