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Ross Elliott's spirit in The Twilight Zone: Death Ship

Ross Elliott (1917 - 1999)

Film Deaths:[]

  • Tumbleweed (1953) [Seth Blanden]: Killed (off-screen) when the Yaqui attack the wagon train and kill everyone except Lori Nelson and Madge Meredith. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (1953) [George Ritchie]: Buried alive in an avalanche caused by the Beast, as he is too injured to move.
  • Massacre Canyon (1954) [Private George W. Davis] Fatally stabbed in the stomach and left for dead by Chris Alcaide. He survives for some hours before being found and dies by the wagons talking to Douglas Kennedy. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Monster on the Campus (1958) [Sgt. Eddie Daniels]: Mauled to death by Arthur Franz in his Neanderthal form.

Television Deaths:[]