Rosalind Allen TbaA 214 04

Rosalind, on the morning of her death in Touched by an Angel

Rosalind Allen (1957 - )

Rosalind Allen TbaA 214 09

A Martinez grieving his wife's death in Touched by an Angel

TV DeathsEdit

  • SeaQuest DSV: Splashdown (1995) [Dr. Wendy Smith]: Killed in an explosion alongside Marco Sanchez when the ship is destroyed. Her death is confirmed in season 3's/2032's Premiere "Brave New World".
  • Touched by an Angel: Rock ‘N’ Roll Dad (1996) [Evie Mateos]: Dies in a car crash (off screen) while trying to get from her daughter, Ivey Lloyd’s performance to her husband, A Martinez’s interview. Her body is shown again later in the morgue when Martinez identifies her.
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