Bleeding Gums Murphy's spirit (voiced by Ron Taylor) in "The Simpsons: Round Springfield".

Ron Taylor Twin Peaks

Ron Taylor.

Ron Taylor (1952 - 2002)

Not to be confused with Tiny Ron Taylor

Film Deaths:


TV Deaths:

  • Miami Vice: Calderone's Return Part 1 (1984) [Linus Oliver]: Shot to death with a Sniper Riffle (off-screen) by Jim Zubiena outside of his Apartment. We learn of his death when Philip Michael Thomas informs Don Johnson.
  • The Simpsons: 'Round Springfield (1995; animated) [Bleeding Gums Murphy]: Dies (off-screen) of unspecified causes while in the hospital. We learn of his death when Lisa (voiced by Yeardley Smith) is informed, and he appears as a spirit from Heaven later on.
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