Roger Moore on his deathbed (with Lana Turner) in Diane

Roger Moore (1927 - 2017)

Note: Stated in one autobiography, that "Diane" was the only film he "died" in. (but can add if you presume others).

Film Deaths

  • Diane (1956) [Prince Henri]: Stabbed in the eye with a lance that Henry Daniell had sabotaged, during a jousting match between Roger and Sean McClory. We last see Roger on his deathbed speaking with Lana Turner; his death is confirmed in the dialogue of the following scene.
  • The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) [James Bond 007]:Although Roger survives in the actual movie, there is an alternate ending (which was actually filmed) in which he's shot by Barbara Bach as revenge for having killed Michael Billington at the beginning of the film; we just see him reacting to the shot before the film cuts to credits.

TV Deaths

  • The Persuaders: A Death In The Family (1972) [General Randolph Sinclair Statler & Admiral Horatio Sinclair Hawkins]: Roger plays both of these older relatives. The General is killed when he bends down to examine a model tank remotely controlled by Denholm Elliott and it blows up in his face. The non-swimmer Admiral is killed when he drowns in the ornamental pond trying to reach a model warship, also remotely controlled by Denholm. (Played in a humorous manner) (Thanks to Brian)

Noteworthy Connections

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