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Roger Moore on his deathbed (with Lana Turner) in Diane

Roger Moore (1927 - 2017)

Film Deaths[]

  • Diane (1956) [Prince Henri]: Stabbed in the eye with a lance that Henry Daniell had sabotaged, during a jousting match between Roger and Sean McClory. We last see Roger on his deathbed speaking with Lana Turner; his death is confirmed in the dialogue of the following scene.
  • The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970) [Harold Pelham]: Playing two separate versions of the same character, the original “Pelham” is clinically dead on an operating table following a car crash before being brought back to life. The original “Pelham” later fades out of existence after crashing his car off a bridge while the other version of “Pelham” watches from afar.

Television Deaths[]

  • The Persuaders: A Death In The Family (1972) [Brett Sinclair/General Randolph Sinclair Statler/Admiral Horatio Sinclair Hawkins/Aunt Agatha Sinclair]: Roger plays both of these older relatives. The General is killed when he bends down to examine a model tank remotely controlled by Denholm Elliott and it blows up in his face. The non-swimmer Admiral is killed when he drowns in the ornamental pond trying to reach a model warship, also remotely controlled by Denholm. (Played in a humorous manner) (Brett and Agatha survives) (Thanks to Brian)
  • Alias: Rendezvous (2002) [Edward Poole]: Tortured to death by The Alliance of Twelve for betraying them.(off-screen)