Rodolfo Acosta (center, below) in Wings of the Hawk.

Rodolfo Acosta (1920 - 1974)

a.k.a. Rudolph Acosta or Rudy Acosta

Film Deaths Edit

  • Hondo (1953) [Silva]: Stabbed to death by John Wayne at the end of a knife fight. (Thanks to Gordon and Brian)
  • Wings of the Hawk (1953) [Arturo Torres]: Shot by George Dolenz' troops; he dies after riding back to the rebels and warning them. (Thanks to Gordon)
  • Passion (1954) [Salvator Sandro]: Dies of exposure after trying to escape from Cornel Wilde through the freezing weather. He dies shortly afterwards in a cabin, after confessing his crimes.
  • The Proud Ones (1956) [Chico]: Shot in the chest by Robert Ryan in self defense.
  • Trooper Hook (1957) [Nanchez]: Shot to death by John Dehner. (Thanks to Gordon)
  • Rio Conchos (1964) [Bloodshirt]: Killed in an explosion (along with Richard Boone and Jim Brown) when a munitions wagon catches on fire and blows up while Richard is strangling Rodolfo. (Thanks to Gordon)

TV DeathsEdit

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