Rodger Bumpass (1951 - )

Voice Actor

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Heavy Metal (1981; animated) [Hanover Fiste/Dr. Anrak]: "Hanover" is burned to death in the Earth's atmosphere after Captain Sternn (voiced by Eugene Levy) ejects him into space; "Dr. Anrak" (who is an android) is destroyed when the aliens suck him and Gloria (voiced by Alice Playten) into their spaceship.

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Footlight Frenzy (1984; TV movie) [Benny the Stage Manager/Johnny Chicago]: In the play-within-the-play storyline, "Johnny" is shot to death (though I can't recall by whom). ("Benny" survives in reality.) (Played for comic effect.)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Dear Vikings (2008; animated) [Olaf #2]: Tossed off a ship into the ocean by Ian McShane.
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