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Rock Hudson in 'Winchester '73'

Rock Hudson (1925 - 1985)

First major celebrity to die from AIDS

Film Deaths[]

  • The Fat Man (1951) [Roy Clark]: Burned to death (off-screen) when Emmett Kelly sets fire to a truck with Rock inside; we learn of his death afterwards when J. Scott Smart reads the news of an unidentified body being discovered while J. Scott is investigating Rock's disappearance.
  • Seconds (1966) [Antiochus 'Tony' Wilson]: Killed (off-screen) with a cranial drill by Richard Anderson; we only hear the drill. (Thanks to Mac)
  • Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971) [Michael 'Tiger' McGrew]: Possibly commits suicide by driving his car off of a pier and drowning himself; it's implied that he may have actually faked his death and fled the country, but I'll list this just in case.

TV Deaths[]

  • World War III (1982 mini-series) [President Thomas McKenna]: Mostly likely vaporized by Soviet nuclear missile upon impact with Washington D.C. off-screen, though may have survived due to measures put in place to transport the President to safety after authorizing a nuclear retaliatory strike, but these measures are never established as taken place.

Notable Connections[]

  • Ex-husband of Phyllis Gates.