Robin Sydney (1984 - )
Robin Sydney-The Lost 1

Robin Sydney's death in The Lost

aka. Robin Sydney Heymsfield

Film Deaths Edit

TV Deaths Edit

  • Masters Of Horror: The Right to Die (2007) [Trish]: Decapitated with a Saw by Martin Donovan after being previously skinned alive, then, he dismembered her body post-mortem. (Thanks to Lauren)
  • Femme Fatales: The Clinic (2011) [Lindsey]: Presumably died off-screen as her lungs removed for an old man patient after she's caught by clinic authority while trying to run away with Daniel Bess. (Though her death is not shown in this episode, it is implied the clinic she was in, secretly kills people after illegally transplanting organs and she meticulously saw her chart about her lungs)


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