Robin Sherwood in the Love Butcher

Robin Sherwood (19?? - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Love Butcher (1975) [Sheila]: Drowned when Eric Stern sticks a running garden horse in her mouth while holding her under the swimming pool; he then carries her body into the house and places her in the bathtub. (Nudity alert: Full frontal and rear) (Thanks to Jack and EXXXposed)
  • Tourist Trap (1979) [Eileen]: Strangled when Chuck Connors uses his telekinetic powers to tighten her scarf around her throat; the scene cuts away as she's being strangled. Her body is shown afterwards after Chuck turns her into a mannequin. (Thanks to EXXXposed)
  • Loose Shoes (Coming Attractions; Quackers) (1980) [Biker Chick #2]: Buried alive (off-screen) at her boyfriend's funeral, in keeping with the gang's tradition. The scene ends as the protesting Robin is lowered into her grave. (Played for comic effect).
  • Death Wish II (1982) [Carol Kersey]: Impaled on a spiked fence when she jumps out of the window to escape from a gang of rapists. (Thanks to EXXXposed)
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